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While I had the disc in, I figured now is as good a time as any to play through the remaining 8-bit Mega Man titles. So, the next stop on the list is the aptly named: Mega Man 2. This is the game that introduced most people to the franchise.

The storyline and formula are still the same, so there’s not much to write about there. Dr. Wily has returned with some new robot bosses for Mega Man to tackle. As before, upon defeating them, Megan Man obtains their power. In addition, there’s a couple of extra power up abilities Mega Man can learn to help his progress. The same strategy applies in this game as in the original. Some bosses are weaker to some weapons than others. So it’s good to experiment with various abilities.


Overall, in my opinion, this game is a big improvement over the original. The difficulty has been adjusted to make it much more enjoyable overall. (Although, some of the final stages in Dr. Wily’s fortress are still pretty rough.) The level design and art is very much improved and the music in this game is phenomenal.

Mega Man 2 is one of the stand-outs of the original series, and a classic NES title. My buddy and I used to play it quite often, taking turns and sharing the control during sleepovers. Good memories here.



Difficulty: Difficult  – As I mentioned earlier, it’s nowhere near as tough as the first. Which is welcome, but still hard enough that some children will find it frustrating.

Story: Pretty much a recycle of the first game, which eventually becomes a trend and almost a joke in the franchise. So nothing new here.

Originality: Mega Man 2 is very much a recycle of the first game, but with much more polish. Over time, this actually tends to become almost laughable in the series, but at this point in the release cycle, it’s lack of originality went largely unnoticed.

Soundtrack: A big improvement over the first, and probably one of the more loved NES soundtracks from my youth. It’s total 8bit rock n roll. One of the game best points.

Fun: MM2 is much more enjoyable to me than the original. The characters are more interesting, even if a little repetitive, the level design is better. Simply a great game.

Graphics: A slight improvement over the first. I find MM2 to be a bit more colorful and slightly more attention to detail.

Playcontrol: Same as the first game. No glaring problems, but still a touchy platformer. Plays best on the original NES controller, IMO. But no real issues with modern hardware.

Overall rating (out of four stars): 4 – Classic retro gaming. This is a must have for anyone that is in to retro gaming. One of the top NES titles, in my opinion.

Original System: NES

Currently available on: Wii Virtual Console, eShop, PSN  (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC – As part of Mega Man Legacy Collection)

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